Expert In the field

Bring expert advice to field workers. Hands-free devices, live 2-way video and data sharing.

​​​​ THE "Internet of  Things" video platform built for enterprise demands


Highest quality live mobile video. Most efficient bandwidth streaming, optimized for UAV/drones.

Mission Control

Monitor location & emergency alerts, see clear view from field.


  • Remote assistance via two-way video     
  • Situational awareness (temp/gas/health)
  • Emergency response less than 0.5 secs
  • Lone-worker employee tracking
  • Data logging and emergency replay
  • Corporate network install or cloud service

Livecast provides an end-to-end platform for real-time video and data, supporting the full "Internet of Things" (IoT) ecosystem of devices. All live streams and associated data can be monitored, analyzed and recorded, and activity logged. Management application with robust dashboard enables teams to share critical, real-time information securely, anywhere in the world.         

Versatile video platform captures & delivers on mobile, smart glasses, UAV/Drone or camera. 

Welcome to the latest in IoT with flexible tailor-made solutions for field workers, first responders, broadcast and healthcare customers. Leading enterprise platform for high performance live video streaming, GPS, telemetrics, and man-down alerts, between any device in the field and mission control or broadcast studio. 

Simultaneous live video, location & sensor data